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WVU Magazine represents the only all-inclusive channel for advertising to the Mountaineer family. We deliver to a uniquely invested audience who reads about the topics and issues our community cares about most.

WVU Magazine is the flagship publication of West Virginia University, offering the only advertising opportunity to reach the entire University community. The magazine captures the local-to-global impact of our campus thought leaders and serves as a trusted source for information and insights unavailable through other channels.

More than a front door to the WVU community, the magazine serves as an open door — driving conversation, interaction and connections that deepen our connection to one another and the University. The breakthroughs, innovations and features we highlight tell the story of the WVU family’s growing influence across academic and industry boundaries. We introduce readers to the people, companies and ideas that matter, and we remind them what they love about being Mountaineers.

Published by WVU since 1969, WVU Magazine has a circulation of 170,000 per-issue that grows every year. The audience reflects a uniquely diverse readership across a wide range of occupations. WVU alumni represent 15 different colleges and schools in 193 bachelor’s, master's, doctoral and professional degree programs, many of whom are thought leaders with purchasing power in influential fields such as law, legislature, engineering and biomedical sciences.

The University has so many stories to tell that WVU Magazine is expanding to three issues per year. This expansion allows for a specialized edition in the spring, focusing on research being conducted at the University by students and faculty, and by alumni from around the world.

77% read most every issue
7-in-10 ( 69%) keep the magazine a month or more
3-in-5 ( 61%) spend 30 minutes perusing each issue
Where The Alumni Are

The WVU Alumni Association represents more than 190,000 alumni living in every state in the U.S. and across the globe. We are proud to have more than 100 chapters and constituent groups throughout the country to help our alumni stay connected to the WVU family.

The WVU Magazine is the most influential source in which our readers get their information. Our readers spend up to an hour or more of time with the magazine and tend to read every issue.

Reaching loyal, passionate and engaged Mountaineer readers pays dividends. More than 4-in-5 say the WVU Magazine strengthens their connection to the institution, and nearly half report having recommended WVU to prospective students as a result of reading the magazine.

Map of US
Magazine cover

Our redesigned magazine reached 80 percent more viewers on our website 
for the Fall 2014 Issue.

More than 20,000 people made more than 30,000 pageviews, and readers spent an average of 5:17 minutes reading our cover story.

Magazine spreads

Recurring popular departments help create a destination for readers and serve as familiar anchors from issue to issue. This ensures a lively mix of content and helps to reinforce WVU Magazine as a go-to source for diverse content that is both entertaining and that also adds depth to the reader’s experience.


WVU is a family of thinkers, doers and leaders with our feet on the ground. Our visual and verbal voice is bold and confident, but always approachable and accessible. We balance moments of gravitas and nobility with warmth, wit and a quirky edge. 

Join us with your targeted content. We’ll help you find your voice and connect with a vested audience only WVU can deliver.

Ad Information

Advertising Rates (Color)

Back Cover $4,240
Inside Front or 
Back Cover
Full Page $2,950
1/2 Page $1,925
1/4 Page $1,175
1/8 Page  $600

Discount rates available for multiple ad buys. Contact us for more info.

WVU Magazine prints three times a year: Spring (April), Summer (July) and Fall (October).

Ad Deadlines

Ad Reservations Due: Jan. 30
Ad Art Due: Feb. 3
Publication: March 27

Ad Reservations Due: May 8
Ad Art Due: May 15
Publication: July 24

Ad Reservations Due: Aug. 1
Ad Art Due: Aug. 14
Publication: Oct. 23


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West Virginia University
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Full Page
LIVE - 7.375" X 9.875"
TRIM - 8.375" x 10.875"

Outside Back Cover
LIVE AREA 7.325" x 5.5"
TRIM 8.375" x 6.5"

Half Page
LIVE - 7.375" X 4.375"
TRIM - 8.375" x 5.375"

1/4 Page
LIVE - 3.625" X 4.875"
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1/8 PAGE
LIVE - 3.75" X 1.9375"
TRIM - 4" X 2.1875"


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All print ads should be submitted as a CMYK PDF with a resolution of 300 dpi.