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Diana Mazzella

Unmarked Cover

Marked, Unmarked, Remembered

A WVU Press book of photography shows moments in history that should be remembered.

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In 1888, Woodburn Circle was the beginning of the University that helped to shape us. To the left is Commencement Hall, which was under construction, and near Martin Hall sat the Agriculture Experiment Station.

WVU at 150

We take a look back at the people, places and events that helped make WVU truly unique.

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Ahmad Dakhlallah - Home Among the Hills thumbnail

Home Among the Hills

Some students come from across the world just to attend WVU. Some students' parents immigrated to the U.S. And many students were born here. However they got here, they're all Mountaineers.

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Hillary Kay tunes her ukulele

At the Twilight: Keeping Appalachian Music Alive

The WVU Bluegrass Band is bringing songs from Appalachia's past into the life of school children throughout West Virginia.

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Bridging Civilizations graphic of disjointed bridge and boat approaching.

Bridging Civilizations

The U.S. and China are global powers locked in competition. WVU is building a bridge between the two.

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Man behind bars

Slaves No More

She helped to free more than 2,000 enslaved fishermen in Indonesia. Then she and her team won the Pulitzer Prize for their reporting. Here’s how Margie Mason did it.

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People placing artwork

Nourishing the Soul

Take a virtual tour of the new Art Museum of WVU before you visit in person.

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Horse standing in water

After the Storm

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, alumnus Rustin Moore led the largest horse rescue in the nation’s history.

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Students walking

Where We Go From Here

Changing culture is never easy but sometimes necessary. Read how Mountaineers are approaching the need for change.

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Man looking into space

Messages from Anonymous

The universe is sending us 10,000 messages every day. You can’t see them. You can’t understand them. But then again, neither can anybody else.

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Collecting water samples

Responding in Crisis

A chemical spill that affected the Charleston area water system impacted over 300,000 people. See how WVU students and faculty responded to the emergency.

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Mapping the Latest Frontier: Your Brain

WVU researchers are looking for a key to unlock the secrets of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia. New technology is enabling them to map the brain and look for answers.

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A Quarter-Century of Progress

The Center for Black Culture and Research celebrates 25 years of embracing diversity at WVU.

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Heartfelt Notes Take Alumnus to Star Trek, and Beyond

Did you know that Jay Chattaway, who won an Emmy for composing the score of the series finale of Star Trek: Voyager, is a WVU grad?

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Woman fishing

Planning for West Virginia’s Future

WVU College of Law students provide valuable resources for land planning in Beckley and other West Virginia towns

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Girl standing in front of Woodburn

The Art of Being Local

Thinking, shopping, and buying local. Journalism students show small communities how to develop and cash in on buying local initiatives.

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Visitors Center

Diary of a Visitors Center

Using some top-notch technology, the WVU Visitors Center introduces prospective students to the University.

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Eve Faulkes

A Well-Designed Life

Eve Faulkes isn’t an average designer; she might design lanyards using weed eater string one day and host a conference on political communication design the next.

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Todd Petty

Sustainable Streams, Sustainable Education

Perhaps his nickname can be “stream doctor.” Todd Petty diagnoses stream ecology problems and prescribes a course of action to make it better for fish populations.

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Dr. Rhodes

Giving of the Heart

Cardiologist Larry Rhodes delves into each patient’s case with his whole heart. Treating children with major heart problems is what makes him tick.

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Woman with globe

Closing the Wounds of War

She wants to save the world. Cyanne Loyle is researching how to end conflict through rule of law and justice.

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Woman fishing

Ensuring our Food Future

Kristen Matak is a food scientist who is thinking creatively to bring new food (egg stick, anybody?) to a grocery store near you.

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Shika Sharma

West Virginia’s Energy Investigator

Drilling for natural gas within Marcellus Shale is booming and controversial. Shikha Sharma is working to make sure it’s safe for the environment.

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Sandy Baldwin

Take A Poem

Sandy Baldwin doesn’t just sit and play online games like a typical user. He immerses himself and his students in very unusual and creative ways.

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Brian Anderson

A Seat at the Table

Take a seat at our dinner table where we will tackle critical issues (like energy, the environment, healthcare) facing West Virginia and the world. Our dinner conversation has never been so animated.

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Tiffany Newcomb

Seeds in Good Ground

What do community planning, sustainable clothing, and robots have in common? They are all part of WVU’s direct influence on jobs and the economy.

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Michael Paris

Where Visions Come to Life

Three special Mountaineers have very different visions of greatness that they brought to life. A professional wrestler, an inventor, and a documentary maker are all passionate about achieving their dreams.

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Hot Rod Hundley

“I have to tell her story, and I have to tell it here.”

Filmmaker returns home to tell one of Mountaineer history’s sweetest stories.

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Judith Hayes

Judith Hayes

After she left WVU, this researcher went on to design the astronaut exercise program still used on the International Space Station.

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Sticking an IV

From Manikin to Man

Meet the "patients" that students practice on before they ever meet a human patient.

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Girl posing on a stump

Sculpted Imagination

Check out these wild sculptures from lizard wings to a medieval torture device.

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