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Summer 2018

[On "Sparked: Through the Math Forest"] 

I always enjoy WVU’s Sparked podcast, but I especially love their latest episode!! I highly recommend you listen to hear the voice and classroom of Laurel Beatty Dilley as well as all that Joanna Burt-Kinderman and Pocahontas County has to teach us!!
Elaine Schwing via Facebook 

Bruce is just so authentic. Here he is a ranked pro footballer and his heart shines with love of walking across that stage to get his degree! That’s flippin AWESOME! WAY TO GO BRUCE! Mountaineer forever!
Joe B. Bazooka via Facebook 

Congratulations from a first-generation WVU grad to another!
Lori Abshire via Facebook 

This is what makes WVU athletics on a higher plane than the football/basketball farm clubs for the pros! Real student athletes! Congratulations to a wonderful Mountaineer!
Ernest Hays via Facebook 

Good for you! No matter what, having that degree will carry you farther than the Super Bowl ring. 
Patricia Starkey via Facebook 

Way to go Bruce! So happy you were able to finish what you started!!! Congratulations.
Kathy VanBiarcomm Piccoll via Facebook 

This is good news. WV has always educated their young and supplied other states with their good youth. We need a positive image. I don’t think any state can surpass the natural beauty. I would challenge anyone to come and see before you pass judgment.
Alma Gay Johnson via Facebook 

[Hannah Lin] is truly an amazing professor. She passed her love of Asian culture to my daughter her freshman year of college. Thanks to her my daughter obtained her undergrad in Chinese studies, participated in two summer study abroads, was a Fulbright in Taiwan and obtained her grad degree in Asian Studies.
Shannon Towns Hose via Facebook 

I just wanted to congratulate and commend you on your choice for your 65th WVU Mountaineer Mascot, Trevor Kiess. I met Trevor and his family while attempting to go skiing in Snowshoe, W.Va. While traveling to Snowshoe we were advised by our GPS to make a wrong turn. In doing so, we landed ourselves on top of Route 150, otherwise known as the Scenic Highway. 

Unbeknown to us, that portion of the road is not maintained by the state during the winter months. Although it was absolutely stunning to look at, the four feet of snow on top of that mountain made for a disastrous trip. Our truck slid backwards into the ditch while we were attempting to turn around. We had zero cell service and nothing but our hands to attempt to dig the truck out of the ditch. 

After about an hour, luckily some men on snowmobiles showed up and took us back into town with them. Unfortunately, after being misinformed and ill advised, we ended up back on that mountain with some of the locals attempting to pull our truck out with nothing more than a tattered strap. It was then that Trevor and his family showed up on their snowmobiles. Trevor immediately informed his family of his concern for our safety and wasn’t going to take no for an answer when they offered to drive us down the mountain (for the second time). Trevor kindly gave me his helmet and settled for my ski goggles in return for the cold ride down the mountain. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Trevor and his family took us back to their hometown in Elkins where they bought us dinner and made sure we had appropriate hotel accommodations. The next day they proceeded to drive us back to Snowshoe (an hour away) to meet up with the wrecker service. Without the kindness and generosity of Trevor and his family, I’m honestly not sure how that mess of a so-called ski trip would have ended. So again, congratulations on allowing one of the most respectful and hospitable young men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting represent your school as the 65th WVU Mountaineer Mascot.

Melissa Bentley 
Owner and Veterinarian 
Guyan Animal Hospital 
Huntington, W.Va. 

Unlike the alum who thought the photo essay “Marked, Unmarked, Remembered” had no place in an alumni magazine, I found the article and photos moving and informative, which is exactly what I want from my alma mater’s publications. WVU educated me when I was on campus and I expect no less 50 years later. 

Harriet Johnson Ottaviano 
BA ’70
Hillsboro, Ore.

I just received and read your Spring 2018 issue of West Virginia University Magazine. I have been receiving these magazines for many years and usually leaf through and discard. However, this issue overall was incredibly well done -- the layout was interesting and attractive – and the feature articles were topical and very well written. This is the first time I truly paid attention to the entire edition and read most of the articles. I felt the urge to congratulate you on a job well done, especially because I have not found previous editions to be very appealing – probably my issue, not yours. I will be definitely looking forward to the next issue.

Charlie Bauer 
MD '69
Miami, Fla.
Diana and Raymond
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