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Jake Stump

In 1888, Woodburn Circle was the beginning of the University that helped to shape us. To the left is Commencement Hall, which was under construction, and near Martin Hall sat the Agriculture Experiment Station.

WVU at 150

We take a look back at the people, places and events that helped make WVU truly unique.

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Flying WV

The Legend of the Flying WV

Experience the symbol that unites Mountaineers as one. See how the Flying WV logo evolved from the minds of its creators more than 30 years ago—and how it continues to shape the spirit of our beloved university. In this extended feature, find out which celebrities have worn the Flying WV and view from across the globe.

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Gilmer thumb

Rebirth in the Mountains

West Virginia is looking for additional industry sources — and alumnus Ben Gilmer is using old coal mines to jumpstart new jobs.

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Tuba player

Marching to the Beat

Dive into the Mountaineer Marching Band’s colorful history, from the inclusion of women to an early rebel band.

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Cracking the Cosmos

Gravitational waves are a ripple in spacetime. Researchers at WVU helped to make this discovery possible.

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Reem Eldawud

Ready. Set. Launch.

Syringes. Bees. Soil. Microgreens. They're all part of the entrepreneurship wave coming out of the WVU LaunchLab.

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Attacking Stroke on all Fronts

WVU is changing the outcome for patient Jimmy Boehler and the 795,000 people who have a stroke in the U.S. every year.

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A Future on the Side of Equality

Read how lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are finding a home at WVU.

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Saira Blair talking

A Day With Saira Blair

Some days she’s in class at WVU. On other days she’s in her office as the nation’s youngest legislator.

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WVU Marching Band

Returning With Pride

WVU is reconnecting with the state through big ideas and big actions.

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Collecting water samples

Responding in Crisis

A chemical spill that affected the Charleston area water system impacted over 300,000 people. See how WVU students and faculty responded to the emergency.

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President Gee

Gee Returns Home

E. Gordon Gee is WVU’s 24th president. But his personality is no less dynamic than it was the first time he led our University in the 1980s

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Players hugging

Hearts of Gold and Blue

WVU athletes are having a blast (and learning life lessons) while volunteering their time and muscles to help those in need.

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Dr. Clarkson

Front Lines of Service: The Doctor

A former nurse, Dr. Cynthia Clarkson makes house calls to those who have a hard time getting to town.

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The Vet

Front Lines of Service: The Vet

This second-generation WVU grad (and former Mountaineer mascot) is following in his father’s footsteps.

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The Pharmacist

Front Lines of Service: The Pharmacist

Need something (really bad) from the pharmacy in the middle of the night? You can call Ernie Gregg and he will make sure you get what you need.

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Charleston's West Side

West Virginia’s West Side Rising

David Fryson, WVU’s chief diversity office, and others are working hard to help a struggling Charleston neighborhood.

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Hockey Cover

Of Ice and Men

A look inside the grit and grind of the WVU hockey team.

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Man standing

Not Immune to Caring

PhD candidate Zelalem Haile is working to improve the health of his native country’s people, even though he might never be able to return home.

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Man with baseball.

A Major League Act

WVU alumnus Justin Halladay bridges cultural boundaries by bringing a great American pastime to children in Latin America.

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Dr. Brooks

Not Your Father’s Physical Education

Physical education at WVU goes beyond tube socks and dodgeball. Through the leadership of Dean Dana Brooks, students are prepared for the global marketplace.

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Dana Coester

Turning the Digital Page

Dana Coester empowers rural West Virginians by bridging the great digital divide.

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Man bound to chair


Jeff Daniels’ hostage research has the potential of saving lives and has attracted the attention of the FBI.

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Man with computer

Damage Control

One wildly successful internship (designing a tool tracking system for a helicopter manufacturing company) guaranteed Shaun O’Connor a great job.

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Farai Simoyi

Woman, Warrior, Wayward Traveler

Inspired by her family and native culture, Farai Simoyi creates feminine clothes in the cutthroat design environment of New York City.

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Man with tomato

Mannon Gallegly’s WV ’63 Tomato: The People’s Tomato

Meet Mannon Gallegly, retired WVU professor. He’s the goto guy when you want to grow the perfect tomato for your next BLT.

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Bobby Davis

Serving Those Who Served

WVU treasures our veteran students, as we are recognized as a military-friendly campus for the fourth year in a row.

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Jonathan Kimble

A Heart to Serve: The Story of the Mountaineer

He’s not a nameless cartoon character. He’s a real man representing all things Mountaineer. Jonathan Kimble, perhaps the busiest mascot on the planet, is in his element while representing WVU.

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Michael Paris

Where Visions Come to Life

Three special Mountaineers have very different visions of greatness that they brought to life. A professional wrestler, an inventor, and a documentary maker are all passionate about achieving their dreams.

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Withers thumb

Bill Withers

Grammy winner Bill Withers gives his spin on singing and life.

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Ditty thumbnail

Time Outs and Short Ditties: Gameday Tunes of the WVU Marching Band

Here's a list of songs churned out by the Pride of West Virginia during the 2017 football season.

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Suzanne Bell cover

Guns, Drugs and Science

Firing pistols and burning drugs. That's another day at the office for WVU Chemistry Professor Suzanne Bell.

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TV List thumb

Mountaineers in TV

From WVU to the TV screen, these Mountaineers have made a splash in the entertainment industry.

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Paisley thumb

Brad Paisley

Although country music superstar Brad Paisley never studied at WVU, the Glen Dale native has bled gold and blue from a young age.

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Kendrick thumb

FallFest Through the Years

Remember when Kanye played FallFest? Or Maroon 5? What about Violent Femmes and Biz Markie in '98? Huh, what?

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Ghost girl in Stewart Hall.

Haunted Halls

If you were to walk the WVU campus in the fall, you might get involved in a haunting. Meet the ghostly visitors we caught on camera.

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A graphic illustration of Tim Mueller working on movie backdrops.

The Design Force is with Him

It's a tall task to create a background for the ultimate weapon of destruction. But this alumnus did just that with a little help from "the force."

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John Denver at Mountaineer Field

'Country Roads' Covers Uncovered

It's the anthem to every tried-and-true Mountaineer. Now hear some versions of 'Country Roads' you may not have known existed.

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Check out these memorable WVU Marching Band performances

Five WVU Band Videos Sure to Strike Awe

Unlike your to-do list or a grocery list, you'll enjoy this list of videos of memorable WVU Marching Band performances.

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John Russo

Night of the Living Dead

Alumnus John Russo co-authored the 1968 cult classic "Night of the Living Dead," a film that still makes us nervous in cellars.

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Princess Bride

Mountaineers in the Movies

Lights. Camera. Let's Go! This list may leave you starstruck by the scores of WVU connections to the big screen.

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Johnson thumb

Barrier Breakers

To commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, here are just a few examples of Mountaineers that epitomize the vision for equality for all on campus.

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Mildred Fizer

Leading 4-H

Mildred Fizer is the first woman in the nation to lead a state 4-H program. The organization was in the midst of an exciting time then and still is today.

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Mother Jones cover

The Most Dangerous Woman in America

Government officials labeled Mother Jones the "most dangerous woman in America" and the "grandmother of all agitators."

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Collecting evidence

Time of Death

In between teaching classes, Rachel Mohr takes her trusty backpack to crime scenes where she uses insects to measure time of death.

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Paul Ziemkiewicz thumb

A New Kind of Mining

Elements that help power everything from the smartphone in your pocket to the nation's missile guidance system could come from an unlikely Appalachian source — acid mine drainage sludge.

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The Sunnier Side of Sunnyside

See how Sunnyside has transformed over decades, and read the story of one of Mountaineer basketball’s most treasured supporters.

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KW Lee thumb

Truth, Justice and Karma: The Life of the Godfather of Asian-American Journalism

Known as the "godfather of Asian-American Journalism," K.W. Lee reflects on a remarkable career that began at WVU.

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Autumn Snapshots That Will Make You Fall in Love with WVU

What's better than a pretty picture of fall? A pretty picture of fall on the WVU campus!

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Caps cover

Going out in Style: Mortarboard Messages

Commencement does not mark the end of creativity and inspiration, as we can see in some of our favorite graduation caps in recent years.

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