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Summer 2017

Power Up

Some might unfairly visualize a weightlifting club as a bunch of musclebound meatheads grunting and throwing around dumbbells. Well, this is your WVU Weightlifting Club president. Olivia “Liv” Kinkade, a human nutrition sophomore from Morgantown, has showcased her power in Olympic-style weightlifting competitions since she was a high school junior. Here she performs a power jerk with 120 pounds stacked on the barbell. When Kinkade first joined the club, it consisted of her, her sister and 10 men. Today the WVU Weightlifting Club is made up of a female majority. “Weightlifting has taught me about myself,” said Kinkade, who’s been ranked in the top 10 in her weight class in the country. “It’s made me more comfortable with myself. With young girls, there are a lot of body image issues. I’ve come to appreciate the body for what it does, opposed to what it looks like.”
Olivia Kincade, Weightlifting Club president.